Thursday, March 22, 2012


Currently Reading:
American Gods - Neil Gaiman
The Girl Who Played with Fire - Stieg Larrson
(and several other books...I really need to finish what I start)

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Dr. Seuss' The Lorax - in theaters

Current Obsession:
Tyler Hansen Aman

It's been a while since I've updated this blog. Nearly a year, actually. A lot has happened in that almost year.

- Ryan graduated from OSU with a degree in Environmental Science
- He is currently working as a Project Manager for his dad's solar panel company and working at a pediatric clinic
- We moved out of our beloved townhouse, bid adieu to our many roommates, and moved in with Ryan's parents
- We went to Maui with some of our closest friends and had one of my most favorite vacations ever

And we're having a baby.

That's the first picture of our little Tyler. He was a cute little sea monkey! There are more ultrasound pictures but we did not take pictures of them so I can't upload them now. The most recent picture is hanging up on the fridge but I'm too lazy to get off the couch to snap a photo. I have a good excuse. I'm pregnant. :)

So far everything has been great! The first trimester was awful, I was sick for most of it though I only threw up once. But the constant nausea was horrible and I relied on ginger and saltine crackers. I'm not too fond of either now. I couldn't stand the smell of garlic or cooked onions, thank goodness that's over. My love for garlic has returned!

The second trimester has been much nicer. Though my skin hasn't gotten the "pregnancy glow" that everyone keeps talking about. I break out a whole lot more. I feel like my skin has reverted back to its middle school days. Maybe it'll go away once I hit the third trimester.

Tyler has been kicking a whole lot more. I didn't feel much until week 16 or 17. I was getting a little nervous since my other pregnant friends had very rowdy babies and were moving around a whole bunch. But I guess Tyler is a calm child, which will be nice if he continues to be nice and calm when he gets here. I hope that means he'll sleep through the night!

But Ryan and I are super excited for him. Hopefully we'll be able to move out before Tyler pops out. I want my own space to decorate, have our things out, get Tyler's nursery ready (it's a sailboat theme since his Daddy likes to sail so much, and it's super cute!)...I think the nesting feelings are kicking in. We would love to buy a house but with Ryan's job prospects still up in the air we'll have to put those plans on hold. I don't mind renting for a while but moving out definitely needs to happen. It's been wonderful living with Ryan's parents, we all get along nicely, we have family dinners and family time often, and it's definitely been a help financially. But once again, I really want my own space. I miss my couch, my kitchen appliances, my books that I've put in storage...I want to hang up artwork and pictures...I want to buy a house. But I'll be patient. Patience is a virtue, so I've been told.

So that's basically it. We're just waiting for Tyler to make his way into the world and looking to set up residence somewhere, even if it's temporary. He's been cooking during the strangest winter season that Oregon has seen. We have nearly a foot of snow today and it's March 22nd! We shouldn't be getting this much snow so close to April! But I don't mind it. It's beautiful, I took a day off, so now I get to stay home and enjoy the winter wonderland with a cup of hot chocolate. And some episodes of "The River."